Recebi hoje este email muito estranho e gostava de saber se alguém já recebeu "algo" parecido.

"GOOD DAY, Since, you do not know me and we have never had any personal contact. Firstly,let me start by introducing myself properly to you.

My name is PAUL ANDDREW, the son of Jonas Malheiro Anddrew, the leader UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola). I got your email address from network directory. I apologize if I have infringed on your privacy.. You maybe aware, that my Late Father (Jonas Malheiro Anddrew) was killed on friday 22nd February, 2002 in a battle with the government troops of Angola, led by President Dos Santos. However, I am a young man who has ambitions and I am not in any way interested in wars, this is why I secretly left Angola for the Burkina-faso(OUAGADOUGOU) to seek asylum. Besides, I am using this correspondence to seek and request your assistance and cooperation in a sensitive but highly beneficial financial arrangement.

There is this huge amount of Six million Two hundred and Forty-Five thousand U.S dollars ($6,245,000.00) which my late father kept in a security/financial firm before he was assassinated by government mercenary on 22 February, 2002, during a political crisis in my country - Angola. This fund was stashed in a security vault in Burkina-Faso, out of foresight for a likely situation which I and my family found our selves then. My father – Late Mr. Jonas Malheiro Anddrew deposited it as a family treasure and that was before his death.

Now I and my Sister have left Angola to Ouagadougou in the Republic of Burkina-Faso, through the help of my late father's loyal friend. Meanwhile, we are staying here with refugee status, instead of going to exile and we have decided also to invest this money in your country or anywhere safe enough outside my country Angola and the whole of Africa for security and political reasons. We would want you to assist us to retrieve and transfer this fund to your country for safety and investment purposes.

If you are willing to render this service to us, we shall adequately compensate you with 20% of the total figure. We will arrange all the necessary procedures in ensuring a smooth process for the transaction. We will also appreciate if you contact me once you receive this mail to enable me give you more details and modus operandi concerning the business.

This matter requires your urgent attention, confidentiality and discretion no matter what your decision maybe.

Thank you and God bless you.
Yours Sincerely,


Blogger ac said...

Dezenas deles, iguais ou parecidos.
Lixo é o destino que lhes dou.
E obrigado pelo teu blogue. Refresca a «alma»

maio 06, 2007  
Blogger Pattie said...

Ui, estão-me sempre a aparecer desses mails. Isso é uma autêntica praga, quase tão popular como os anúncios para aumentar o pénis.

maio 06, 2007  

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