Once Upon a Time on Planet Earth, fotografia e texto para o projecto de 2008

Setúbal, September 11, 2008
8:46 AM
Seven years later in Setúbal there is nothing that commemorates 9 / 11. Walk two hours through the city looking for a memorial but it doesn´t exist. Seven years ago stopped Setúbal, today there are no references to the day. At the exact time of the attack, i took this picture. It´s firefighters National day in Portugal. On that day, seven years ago, i was lunching and whatching the news. Suddenly the broadcast was interrupted with live images of the first plane crashing against the first tower. I will never forget...The news quickly spread itself across the country. I have never heard of al-Qaeda, bin Laden or Taliban. Neither had ever noticed that America was hated by so many people.Unfortunately, a day that will stay in history.


Dia Nacional do Bombeiro 2008

Setúbal, 11 de Setembro


Festas das vindimas 2008